Be Prepared

This makes me think of that song from Disney’s The Lion King. That crazy uncle Scar sang it to all his hyena friends, the traitor. But there’s a message from that song we can take, in a way. It’s kind …

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Difficult Times Will Come

Moving on to chapter 3 in 2 Timothy. It’s a continuation of everything else that moves Timothy into an understanding that it’s not going to be easy to convince people to pursue the things of God rather than the things …

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A Useful Vessel Part 2

This is a continuation of yesterday’s post. It was getting pretty long so I decided to cut it in half. And there was a lot to take in yesterday too. Here’s the passage I’m going through again:

Now in a large …

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A Useful Vessel

Interesting title, but appropriate.

I’m still in 2 Timothy 2. It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything, but this just took some time to grasp for me. I’ve been trying to apply it to my life and have been watching it …

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Remember when you got your first loan? Were you able to get it? I wasn’t. I had to have a co-signer. Then I remember the day that I finally got approved. Now I’m wishing I’d had better sense not to …

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Not Imprisoned

There are so many things that hold us back from sharing our faith with our friends. Fear of rejection, lack of confidence, to name a few. I believe that what it really comes down to is our commitment to Jesus, …

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An Invitation To Suffer

Doesn’t the title mess you up a little? In 2 Timothy 2, that exactly what Paul extends to Timothy.

A couple posts back I mentioned the reason and motivation for our behavior as Christians: because of the promise of life. Here, …

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Mercy And Testing

1 Kings 21-22This is an interesting account of Ahab, once king of Israel. Let’s start with this:

In the thirty-eighth year of Asa king of Judah, Ahab son of Omri became king of Israel, and he reigned in Samaria …

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Prayer Is About Relationship

My wife went to a women’s prayer seminar this past weekend at our church building. She came back with something that stuck with me. I’ve known for a long time but have just ignored it and needed a reminder of …

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