Happy New Year!

I know, it is so late to say something like that, but who cares. Happy New Year! It’s nice to be posting something for you to read for the first time this year!

Well, I don’t have a bunch of time but here is what is going on in our world right now: Last weekend was the first week of the 40 Days of Purpose Campaign at our church! I am so excited about what is happening out here, the commitment level of our church as we pursue spiritual growth! Anastasia is about 3 months pregnant AGAIN!!! And yes, I do know what is causing that…Christopher and Timothy are growing quickly. Timothy can pull himself up and walk around while holding on to things now. They are just incredible boys! My brother just got engaged a month ago, finally! Life’s been going pretty good I guess. God has really blessed us. I’ll write more when I have time. As for now, love God because He loves you!


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