Well, our Maddy had her first litter of puppies last night/early morning! She had a total of nine of them. They’re so cute! One of them is dark and the rest of them are a lighter color. She started having them I think shortly after we went to bed (elevenish). Our son woke up around three for some reason. I had heard some noise, but it sounded like someone breathing heavily through not so cleaned out nostrils…that high pitch squeak thingy? Know what I’m talking about? Most people do it while they’re sleeping. Turns out, the sound I heard was six little puppies whining for their mommy. When I went out to the garage, Maddy had her seventh puppy. When we got back up at 6 a.m. she had two more puppies…a total of 9. They all look great! And Maddy is very proud…and protective…

Anywas, thought I’d share some exciting news… Have a great weekend!

One thought on “Puppies!!!

  1. What are you going to do with all those puppies, it would hard for me to part with them. They are so cute. Just want you to know that I still read your blog, loved your christmas newsletter, and we sent you a card with a homeade ornament and it came up with a bad address (we sent it to the address in CO) I was going to resend it however Natalie got to it first and tore it up. gotta the the terrible twos. errr..

    love you guys

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