Quick Wrap Up

Hello! Seems like it’s been forever. Things happen in life ya know. Well, it has now been an entire year since we’ve moved out to Colorado. Seems a little longer than that with all that has happened in the past year. We still like it out here very much…especially the daily greeting from an awesome structure only God could create staring at us right when we walk out the door. Pike’s Peak never ceases to amaze me every time I look at it. The sunrises and sunsets are just phenomenal! Even rain storms, the formation of the clouds around the mountain, running down the slopes are just crazy awesome!

Our Maddy just had another litter of puppies, nine females and two males this time for a grand total of ELEVEN!!! Right now they are two weeks old and doing their best to crawl around on all fours. It’s actually quite cute to see them hobble around. Their eyes are open too. When one of them looks up at me its head just kind of wobbles around, I guess straining to get a better look at this weird tall creature. I don’t know. They’re a lot of fun.

Our youngest is walking around. The second is getting potty trained (not bad so far). Our first is almost four and is saying all kinds of words now and carrying on conversations with us. I guess I have to watch my grammer and language a little more around him since he repeats everything I say. Wake up call! It’s awesome to watch our kids grow up and so quickly!

Let me know how you’re doing sometime! God bless!

What are your thoughts?