The Side of Truth

What is truth? That famous question from Pilate to Jesus left unanswered in that moment. Just a few verses back Jesus tells us what truth is: God’s Word. At the beginning of his gospel, John explains Who the Word is: Jesus. Jesus tells Pilate that He came to testify to the truth. Pilate asked for it, then walked away. He had opportunity to know for himself what (or Who) truth is!

The application point comes from the next sentence though. As a Christ-follower, the words are spoken through a megaphone: “Everyone on the side of truth listens to me.” (John 18:37)

Well, I claim to be on the side of truth. God has made a difference in my life through Jesus. But there are those moments when I hear Him instead of listen to Him. The voices we become familiar with we can pick out of a crowd hearing just one tone. I know the sound of my children’s cry, each individual differently. When one of them gets hurt and begins to cry, I can tell who it is. If I’m looking for my wife and can’t find her, I can use my ears and tell where she is just by the familiar tone in her voice. Do I listen for Jesus the same way? Does the truth stick out like my child’s cry amidst a crowd of children? Can I tell the difference between the truth and the lie? Am I familiar with that voice?

Jesus has already testified to the truth. We know it and can learn more truth by looking into the Word. (I think I posted something about the Word being Jesus before. But I couldn’t find it to link to it here. Basically it goes something like this: if Jesus is the Word, and the Word of God is the Bible, can it be that every time we look into the Bible we are looking into Jesus’ face?) Jesus set the perfect example of what truth looks like. The message of the gospel spells clearly what God intended from the beginning. The truth is that we’re in desperate need of a Savior, and the Savior has come to save!

I believe. I’m on the side of truth. Now, being a part of this kingdom from another place, how familiar am I with the King’s voice? Listen. Listen for Him. If I’m on His side then I should know what He says, how He talks, and should be able to tell the difference between His voice and the enemy’s. Get familiar.

What are your thoughts?