The Steelers!

So here we are, wondering who is going to win the Super Bowl…How in the world did the Seahawks become a great team to make it to the big game? Who would have thunk it possible? But they finally made it! And I believe only to be let down. The Seahawks are a tough team, but the Steelers have made it there before and know what it is like. The momentum and energy of having been in the big game before will most likely give the Steelers an upperhand. At least I hope it does… I’m rooting for the Steelers and no one can change my mind!

I found something neat online that y’all should check out. Here is a neat video after the Steelers won their victory over the Broncos a week ago. It also gave me some encouragement about where prayer can still happen. People have tried to take prayer out of so many things, but prayer out of the NFL would cause a riot. I mean, nobody would want the entire Steelers football team to go after them…

What are your thoughts?